Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday pics

McGwire gave a talk this past Sunday. It was about keeping the Sabbath day Holy. He did an great job and prepared it all by himself.
It was way past time for him to get a haircut, so Tim took him Sat afternoon to get a little trim. He actually got real haircut which I was not expecting. We also got him a new shirt and dress pants as well, which he was overdue for.

Here he is looking sharp as a tack.

Lilah is beginning to say "cheese" which makes for a funny picture.


Proud Papa.

We didn't tell Lilah to say "cheese" in this picture. We learned our lesson!


LsuFan said...

Oh McG looks so handsome and grown up now!! And wow Lilah is getting so tall and cute cute cute!! Way to go on that talk McG!! So proud of you :)

kayla said...

What a great family you have there!
McG does look sharp...there is nothing better than a a good, short haircut on a boy! I'm lovin Lilah's "cheese" face for the pics...what a ham! And of course, the cute!!

Nancy Booth said...

Well finally I got this site. I went on the Booth Bunch and clicked your reply name is the only way I could get it and now I have to leave for work so I don't have time to comment on each one but I love all the pictures. Lilah is finally smiling in them and handsome McG and pretty Lilah and daddy looks great. And Brannon. Where's Mom? I'm proud of McG's talk. I know he did great. Brannon has to go to church Sunday.

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