Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Showing off Brannons car and a cute little girl!

Here's Lilah in her cute little $10 consignment sale dress! I love it!

Parden the fuzzy spot in the pictures.

My camera is soooo shot! I guess I know what I need for Christmas this year!

She loves all things hockey. I'll be darned if I let Tim sign her up for a team anytime soon, though.

Her face is so blurry here but I love how you can see Brannons car outside the window.

...Which brings me to the car!

Finally!! A picture of Brannons baby.

He is soooooo excited to have a car of his own! Now, if he'll only get the heck out of the house and drive it. I think he's scared of Atlanta traffic. One thing's for sure, he'll never get a speeding ticket. He drives at the speed of someone 8 times his age!!

Here's a pic of Brannons $4 thrift store find. A very nice Ralph Lauren blazer (do they call it a blazer anymore??). The picture does not do it justice. It is in perfect condish and he was stylin' for his interview.

Oh yeah!! One more show-off...I finally got around to painting this hutch. It only took me 7 years. I couldn't find a "before" picture quick enough so I'll just post the "after".

I really like how it turned out.


jill said...

Nice camera, nice car, nice hutch.
Good luck getting a camera for Christmas!! :)

Bev said...

So how old will Lilah have to be before she can play hockey?

everything looks great.

kayla said...

Love the dress!! Love the cabinet! I'm going crazy thinking about all the things I want to paint black when we get to CA! Did you spray paint it or roll it?
That is a good looking car! I can see why Brannon is excited! I love his new haircut too!

Nancy Booth said...

Good pictures of Lilahstein (beautiful dress) and also Brannon's car. I know he's right proud of it. And it's paid for too. Congratulations on getting a job on his own too.

LsuFan said...

I personally think you should put her in figure skating :)