Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or treat

Alright, I know I'm long overdue for a post but this is a good post to start fresh with.

Last week, Tim Mac and Brannon carved pumpkins. I had to work so I didn't get to participate in the carving or the clean-up. What a mess!!! Now I know why we never carved pumpkins when I was growing up.

Anywho, here's the final results.

Here's McGwire's scarey Cheshire cat!

Here's Brannon's AWESOME Mario!!!

And here's Tim cool "Jack the pumpkin"!!!

Those guys are really creative, in my opinion.

Speaking of creative. Tim worked really hard on our Etsy shop and made some great designs. Unfortunately, we didn't do our homework and therefore didn't realize that the shirts other people were selling were professional grade transfer paper applied with a professional heat press and not the cheap H*bby L*bby iron on paper applied with a household iron!!

Thank heavens no one bought a shirt in the week we were actually in business. I don't know if really want to put a lot of money into buying all of the equipment needed to sell these shirts but I really believe that Tim's designs were WAY better that the other sellers out there.

Here's one of the shirts he made.

Here he is hard at work trying to make Lilah's costume.

Lilah went as Lilahstein, Frankensteins' meaner and more destructive little sister.

It didn't turn out exactly as I had planned. Mostly because the shirt was a bit too big.

I didn't get a good picture of it to show, but "Lilahstein" had pigtails with bows that were supposed to be pink but we didn't use the correct type of transfer paper so the bows were more of a greyish color.

I made the tutu which was really simple.

McG's costume fiasco was a different story. We did not want him to go as a gangsta rapper, like he was pushing for, and we also didn't want to spend $40 on a costume that he would wear for about 4 hours total, so Tim took him out late Friday night (yes, the Friday night before halloween) and he settled on being an army guy. He bought a plastic helmet. That's all, just a helmet and I was expected to go out Saturday and get the rest of the outfit.

What the...??


Luckily, The very first place I went was a thrift store near the hockey rink and I stumbled upon a real life army jacket that miraculously fit McGwire.

Tim's life and our marriage was spared!

After the church's trunk or treat party, Tim took Lilah and McG trick or treating in a couple of nearby neighborhoods and that just about wore McG out (Tim and Lilah rode in the car while McG walked)!!!

After he could take no more, McGwire flopped down in the car and told Tim, "One soldier down!".

All that walking paid off, though. Look at all of this loot!

Even Lilahstein enjoyed a piece or two!


kayla said...

Oh my guys rock! I love Lilah's costume...that is so creative! And a tutu??? Soooo cool...and you made that...I'm totally impressed. You had me cracking up about McG's costume...he looked really cute, can't believe you got that together so fast. I'm sorry about your Esty shop...I thought the designs were awesome...BUT, even if you're not in business anymore...they sure do make good presents...hee hee!! Love you guys.

Nancy Booth said...

Well, thank goodness some new postings. You are so lucky to have Tim to help you with these costumes. And you did a great job on Lilah's tutu. Too bad she used it as a snot rag or whatever. Mcgwire looked great too. I'm sorry we never carved pumpkins (it was too messy) and it broke us to have to buy cheap candy, so Halloween wasn't my favorite holiday to say the least. But you guys did really good and apparently made a big haul too. I am so impressed with Tim's work.

Nancy Booth said...

And I love the way you describle these posts. You and Tim are sooo funny.

jill said...

Love the pumpkins!! Very creative. You should see isn't even carved. :)
BTW, I thought Lilah's costume was soooo darn cute. I really like the shirt - it is one she can wear anytime. :) It looks very professional to me. ;)