Friday, November 20, 2009

More getaway pictures

One of the features we went to was the butterfly center. It was a beautiful conservatory with plants and flowers and about a gazillion butterflies fluttering around. Me and the kids went that first morning but then Tim wanted to go as well so we went back later that day and got lots of pictures.

They had a koi fish pond also and so of course we had to pay 25c to feed them. Unfortunately, they apparantly already eaten for the day.
Not one nibble!!

Did you know butterflies eat fruit? I had no idea. My Alabama education is showing!


jill said...

Oooh, those are some awesome photos! I love Lilah's monogrammed ribbon! lol.

The pool looks nice - was the weather very warm?

And, the coupons??? You put me to shame. I am jealous ... That A1 sauce...too funny. You really do have a grocery store! :)

kayla said...

Love the butterfly garden! Great pictures....You guys NEED to come to CALI!! Just think of the fun vacations we can do there...