Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Christmas Night

We had a white Christmas here in Georgia! Well, a white Christmas night. It started snowing about 3 pm and started sticking a couple of hours later!
The kids loved the snow, of course, and went out and played for a little while before I spoiled the fun by making them come in and get warm. Poor McGwire was so sick Christmas Eve and Day and I didn't want him overdoing it!

Of course a little game of hockey had to be snuck in!

It was nice drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies by the warm fire knowing there was snow on the ground outside!!! It was a great end to a great day!


kayla said...

Kelly, you are spoiling us! Three posts in two days!! Keep um coming! We can see snow on our mountins here, but that is about all the snow we get in these parts! Glad you guys got a nice white Christmas this year!

Nancy Booth said...

McGwire looks like he feels bad in these pictures. Snow IS something to behold. I can't believe all these posts slipped up on me. I'm loving them tho. I think I need some hot chocolate and cookies.