Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Card Picture Out-takes

Here's how Lilah was feeling after our little family picture time!
Not one bit happy!

McGwire was a good sport, though!

We didn't use this picture in our card this year because I looked too fat sitting down! Nevermind that everyone else looks good. It's all about me! haha

We normally use Christmas as McGwire's yearly picture since his b'day is only a month after, so Tim took a few of him alone and they turned out very nice!

Here's Lilah Belle in a little better mood!

Here she's trying to keep a candy cane away from big brother!

My babies are getting too big!


kayla said...

Oh my gosh!!! You guys are all soooooo stinking cute! LOVE McG's sweater and Lilah is a doll in red! And Kelly you looked skinny in BOTH pictures...I HATE YOU!
LOVE the pics!

jill said...

goodness, those are awesome photos! your family is very handsome. :) you look great, by the way.
it doesn't seem real that Lilah turned 3 this year - or Olivia...they are still just babies!

Nancy Booth said...

Great photos. What a good looking family. The kids are growing up too fast and that means I'm growing old er too fast. You do not look fat. I love the way you all look. Beautiful.