Sunday, December 26, 2010

Ice Skating Adventure

A couple of days before Christmas we took the kids downtown to the outdoor skating rink so McGwire could go ice skating.

It was at the Olympic Park downtown and they had the park looking so beautiful with Christmas lights and decoratons.

Poor McGwire is the only one of the Bird clan who can ice skate, without the risk of breaking an important bone, so he had to go all by himself!

He didn't seem to mind though.

There were tons of people there and the ice was more like snow. McGwire said he couldn't glide very well but kind of scooted around the rink! He even scooped up the "snow" on the rink and threw snowballs at us!

We took Lilah to the park while McGwire skated so she could have some fun too!

There was a huge, beautiful tree in the middle of the park!

Poor Lilah got so mad when she asked Tim for a Sprite but he brought her back water instead!!!

Here she is crying and hiding her face in my lap!

Other than Lilah's little meltdown and the fact that it was FREEZING cold, we had a nice enjoyable pre-Christmas time!


kayla said...

How fun, wish we had an outdoor skating rink like that here..the kids would love it! Lilah is a little crack up...and McG looks so grown! Kuddos on the ablitly to ice skate McG!

jill said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of Lilah in the swing. Man, she is a cutie. Her scarf makes her look way too old. But it sure is cute. :)
McGwire looks like a pro on the ice. I am sure Tim was so proud to see him out there. Did our little snow remind him of home? :)

jill said...

PS - could M's cap been pulled down any lower on his eyes? ha ha!

Nancy Booth said...

McGwire looks like a pro but he still looks like he doesn't feel well. Was he sick at this time too? Lilah needs to protest with a sign that says, We're on strike, We want Sprite!!!! Poor baby.