Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Fun at Stone Mtn

Tim scored free tickets this year to St. Mountain's Christmas and those are the best kind of tickets to score!

We were all super excited to go. Lilah was really super excited to see Santa and ride the train.

First up was Mrs. Clause's story time.

Then Lilah was lucky enough get her picture taken with the Mrs. herself.

Mac wasn't about to take a picture with Mrs OR Mr. Claus so we had to settle for a few shots of him by himself here and there.

Lilah found one of her pacifiers in the stroller. She can hunt one of thoses things down like nobody's business!!!

After the 4D movie, a sing-along and a little candy and christmas tree ornament shopping, we sent McG off to The Barn to play while Tim and I tool Lula Belle to see the Snow Angel.

She was way excited and very happy in line........

...then the snow angel magically appeared and things took a turn for the worse.

Lilah was not a bit happy but was a pretty good sport about it.

After our adventure there, I went to go pick up McG and Daddy took Lilah to go stand in line for the Christmas parade and pictures with Santa.

We ate while waiting for the parade. FYI, St. Mnt's chicken tenders are delicious amd slide down the band in my tummy quite smoothly!!!

The parade was fun. Lilah was jumping and waving and was so happy to see Santa!!!

After the parade, the reality of actually being face to face with jolly 'ol St. Nick set in and Lilah started weeping and wailing. Seriously, she was scared to death!! Luckily, we were 3rd in line to see Santa so the crying didn't last too long.

She cried all the way up to the point of me putting her on his lap, then she stopped crying but certainly didn't stop pouting. She was able to tell him that she wanted toys for Christmas and that she loved him (with my prompting, of course).

After that trauma, we went and experienced a different kind of trauma:

standing in line for an hour and a half to ride the #%$^&*# train!!!!

The kids and Tim did really well while waiting.

Me??? Not so much!!!

But I was fine and chipper once we sat down and ate a little fudge!

We ended up leaving after the train ride since we were so exhausted, but we really did have a fabulous time. The weather was chilly and a little sprinkley but overall it was very pleasant and the experience really jump started our Christmas season!!


Nancy Booth said...

What great pictures. I'm almost in the Christmas mood myself now after seeing this post. It poured here all day long and was very cold so ya'll were lucky to have better weather. I can't get over Lilah, Santa and the snow angel. Bless her heart. And why didn't McG sit on her lap and Santa's lap? I'm so glad ya'll had a good time. Tim sure does score a lot of good things.

kayla said...

How stinking fun this is! Wish we had something like that around here. I love the santa pics with Lilah, totally priceless! Everyone looks great and festive...what a nice way to kick off the season!