Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

We have a tradition (forced upon Tim) of letting the kids open a gift on Christmas eve.
It's supposed to be just pajamas but I normally sneak a small toy in the package as well, much to Tim's protest!

This year I forgot to put the toy in McG's package so he got to open 2 gifts.
Lilah was not a bit happy about that!! Even though she got a toy in her package,
she wanted to open up 2 gifts also!

Yay!! New jammies!

After opening the gifts and reading the story of Christ's birth, we ate cookies and drank hot chocolate by the fire! We did a lot of that this year, it seems! Actually, Lilah drinks "cold hot chocolate" (AKA chocolate milk, but she won't let you call it that!!)


kayla said...

Gotta love the Christmas jammies!
Poor Tim would have a cow if he knew we open ALL our gifts on Christmas eve!! Only the big Santa gift and stockings are opened on Christmas morning!

jill said...

Those PJs look so soft. Are they Carters?

Nancy Booth said...

You go Kayla. That beats getting up at 3 or 5 Christmas morning. McGwire looks excited but Lilah looks super excited in all these Christmas pictures.