Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday pics

Daddy has been out of town this weekend so , unfortunately, we had to have Sunday pictures without him!! :(
Here's me a lulaBelle.

Here's McG before his hair dried.

Here's Lilah and her baby.

Here's mommy and her baby.
(I just realized I already had a pic of me and Lilah but I'm keeping this one anyway... DEAL WITH IT!! haha)

Here's Mac and Lula.

Here's Mommy and Mac and Lilah's big yellow bow.

And here's Lilah in her cool shades, trying to get her sleep on. Our church starts right about nap time and she was ready for sleepin' not worshipin'!!!


LsuFan said...

Love the Sunday pics!! Everyone looks so great!

kayla said...

Kelly, you skinny thing! You look awesome! And so do the kids! Good job taking pics by yourself!

Nancy said...

You sure do look good! Lilah has quit smiling again? McG's hair is getting long and I love it. Good pictures. Missed Tim.