Thursday, April 22, 2010


McGwire went fishing with the 11 year old scouts this week. The boys had a blast and I was surprised to hear of how many fish they caught. McGwire was super excited that he learned how to gut a fish. Ewwww!! Looks like he did a pretty good job, though.
Tim asked me how many fish he was allowed to bring home. I said "NONE" but apparently he thought I said "two" because that's how many he came home with. Ugh!!

McGwire's favorite part of the activity was when Bro Kemp ate a raw fish heart. If I was his wife I would make him get multiple vaccinations before he stepped foot in the house!!


LsuFan2 said...

Wow so gross!! I hope they tasted very good McG

kayla said...

Joel will be so proud!! Looks good McG...not to eat of course....but good job on the gut removal!!

Bev said...

What a catch McGwire. Grandpap is very impressed. He hasn't caught one that big in a long time.

So who cooked them??

Nancy said...

Eating a raw fish heart is going a little bit above the duty of scouting. Good catch tho McG. Did someone cook them for you?