Thursday, April 29, 2010


Seriously, is there any better way to blow bubbles than in your bathing suit??

Here's big brother getting in on the action, but somehow not as enthused as his sister.

Let's not forget our yearly review of the pre summer condition of the swimming pool.

Just as green and nasty as previous years.

I really, REALLY hope that Tim is able to clear the pool this year. We weren't able to really enjoy it last year but I plan on swimming as much as possible this year!!

Wish us luck!


Nancy said...

I don't know which one of those 50 bathing suits this one is but it sure is cute on her. Wish I looked that good in one. Did she ever get a bubble out? Why isn't McG is his bathing suit? Good luck on that pool. Am I going to get to watch the kids play in it when Tim goes to that wood chuck? thingy?

kayla said...

Definitely the way to blow bubbles!! Man, I hope you get the pool done too...I'll be sooo jealous!