Monday, April 26, 2010


Kayla, here's a couple of pics from the baby shower. It looked much better in person than the pics show but you get the gist of it. We weren't quite finished setting everything up before people started to come in so I snapped a couple of pics while my friend finished grabbing fruit and the rest of the cookies. Anywho, Tim did a great job, I usual.
I hope the mom-to-be doesn't mind her picture being on my blog....haha
p.s. Oh goody...the pictures blow up so you can see a little more detail!!!

He created the picture that had the baby's name on it with the choo choo.
All of the white plates (except the 2 white cake platters) are the ones I took back to the store!Yea for being cheap!! haha

Here's a close up of the labels~ you can tell I cut it out myself and didn't use my punch tool.

This was my fav!!! These pictures were taken at clean up time so I had already taken the bottles out of their container of ice. I wish I was able to get a good picture of everything, darnit!!

That's enough bragging on Tim.
~Next up~
A friend of mine came in town from Washington a couple of weeks ago so she and I and a mutual friend met up for dinner. Of course I had to take Lilah (Tim ALWAYS has an excuse and the excuse is ALWAYS hockey) but luckily my friend had to bring her daughter too. They had fun together and Amelia did a great job of keeping Lilah entertained!!

Nose picking seems to be Lilah's past time of choice here lately!! UGH!
I mean it's REALLY up there!! haha

Here's a cute picture.

I swear they played in that fountain for nearly an hour while us girls gossiped.

Well, that's all I could come up with for today!


kayla said...

WAY CUTE Kelly! I love all the details! The milk bottles turned out sooo cute. And I loved how the labels were on the plates with the little holders...very clever!
Lilah's a hoot! Love the finger in the nose pic... ha ha!

Nancy said...

One day a bugar is going to get Lilah. Who is the friend? Cute little girl and of course, darling little Lilah. Glad ya'll had fun. Tim is sooo good at decorating. Does he think these things on his own or do you request? He does a great job.