Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pittsburgh 2010

We spent the about 3 days in Pittsburgh over spring break. It was close to a 5 day trip but spent 2 days traveling. The kids did really great driving that far...a lot better than their parents did! haha
McG has always been a good traveler and it looks like his little sister is following in his footsteps. It helps that we had a few Sp0ngebob dvd's to go along for the ride!!
We left at about 2pm on Wed and I thought we were going to drive straight through but poor Tim couldn't take it after a long days work and a ton of traffic to boot so we stopped to spend the night in Wythville,Va. Lucky for us-they had a pool. Lucky for the other guests- I didn't bring my swimsuit! haha

The next morning we woke up early, enjoyed our free breakfast and were back on the road around 7am. Everything started out well but then we hit traffic a few times again and it turned out to be a longer drive than we expected.
McGwire got a little bored...

...and Lilah got a little cranky.

Tim had a ginormous bag of sunflower seeds to keep him happy...

...and I was just along for the ride!!!

We arrived at Grandma and Grandpap Rex' house around 2pm and mainly hung out there for the rest of the evening. They watched a hockey game and I chased Lilah away from the breakables!!
The next day we all went shopping for hockey stuff in the morning and Grandma spent way too much money on the kids. We were going to go to the kids science museum but decided to wait until the next day. The guys went shopping for a few hours instead...for more hockey stuff!!
It was a relaxing day where we mostly played with Molly,
and spent some quality time with Grandma,
and Grandpap Rex.

Tim tried on McG's new goalie mask, which can I say...he did not need a new goalie mask or the 2 new hockey sticks that were purchased as well!?!

Here's poor McG after he found out we were not going to the museum until the next day!!
Don't worry...he perked up when the next hockey game came on TV!!!

The next morning Lilah tried on the new pillowcase dress that Grandma made her...

...ate a little breakfast...

...and then terrorized Molly a little while before we left for the museum.

Also, Grandma's friend came over that morning to meet us and shower the kids with more gifts and she was able to take a picture of us all.

To be continued.....


Nancy said...

Oh Man! More great pictures. Loved them. That mask looks scarry. Maybe the oposite team will be scared to come close to McG. Bev and Rex look great too. I am so jealous of all her talents. It's just not fair. Thanks for posting.

kayla said...

After looking at the pics of the kids in the car...I'm dreading our LONG trip to Utah!! And we don't even have a DVD to keep them busy..ha! Great pics...glad you enjoyed your little vacay!

LsuFan said...

Looks like you all had tons of fun!! Everyone looks great!