Wednesday, April 14, 2010

vacation continued

Saturday morning we went to the kids science museum . McGwire went to a merit badge class for his oceanography merit badge so this was an all day affair!!

Lilah and daddy are ready to go!

When we first got there, Tim took McG to the sports part of the museum. He obviously had no trouble finding the hockey area.

But he also was able to climb a rock wall...

and play a little basketball.

He even ran a race...

...and even though it looks like he emerged victoious, Tim assured me that McGwire was not the winner of this race. haha

Having fun!

Me and Bev took Lilah to the kiddie portion of the museum where she pretty much terrorized everything and everybody that got in her way. She was so snotty and stingy~ it was a little embarrassing! They had a large water area and she splashed in that thing for hours and got soaking wet! Tim had our camera with McG so Bev took pictures of Lilah playing in the water.
Well have to get those from her.

Here's McGwire eating lunch before the scout class.

And here he is after a long day of learning about the ocean.

Later that night after putting Lilah down for bed and while McGwire watch yet another hockey game, Tim and I went up to a lookout area to take in the beauty that is downtown Pittsburgh. It really is pretty at night. There were people walking around everwhere and we even saw a couple get engaged. Tim took this picture without the flash so you could see how pretty the city lights were.

The next morning we left bright and early. Our first stop was at the rest stop in West Virginia at the New River Gorge.

I think it's the longest arch bridge in the US but I could be wrong. It sure is pretty, though.

McGwire opted to descend the gazillion steps down to the observatory. The rest of us opted to NOT!!!
He said that going down the stairs wasn't too bad but climbing back up was a bugger!!

Well that was our trip in a nutshell. We had a really good time and appreciate the warm hospitality that Bev and Rex provided.


Nancy said...

I am so glad ya'll took that trip. Sounds like you had a blast. We stopped at that bridge also and it is the highest in the US daddy said. Not sure. Anyway, loved the pics and am so proud of McGwire. He is a good looking boy. I loved your comments too.

Bev said...

Yes it is the highest bridge in the country. It is very pretty. we stopped there about 5 years ago on our way home.
Lilah wasn't a brat, just being 2 1/2! Letting people know who is boss.

kayla said...

Cool beans! Everyone looked liked they had fun! I'm impressed with McG for climbing DOWN and UP those stairs...ha!