Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Littlest Ballerina

Guess who starts ballet class today??

If you guessed Tim...your wrong!!!

Lilah has her very first ballet class today. She is taking lessons with her besties, Liv and Abby.

I'm not sure how much learning will be going on, but I guarantee there will be a lot of squealing and running amok in cute little ballet costumes!!!

Abby's mommy is my personal monogrammer and she surprised us with this very cute ballet backpack!!

Lilah has been obsessed with it since she got it Sunday!

Here's a closer look.

Go ahead and bask in it's cuteness!

Liv has one too. Her little ballerina has red hair and Abby's has blonde hair.

How adorable!

I think I"m more excited about the backpack than I am about the ballet class!

Hopefully Lilah will learn lots of dainty little girl twirls and moves. I'm also hoping they'll teach her that ballerina's don't play with big brother's army guys!!!


The Bird Family said...

And for the record this is her first steps towards her long hockey career...
Balance and grace then ice skates!

The BirdHouse said...

Nice try TImmy....but I don't THINK so!

kayla said...

Oh my goodness...Lilah is ADORABLE! She's already got some moves down...she'll be the leader in the class!! And I'm DYING, DYING over the backpack...Holy cow, could anything be cuter??? I need to get one of those personal embroider ladies!

Nancy Booth said...

This just makes my heart melt. She is so cute and already looks like she knows how to dance. I love the backpack too. How nice of your friend to make all 3 a backpack. I can hardly wait to see her moves in person. You go, Lilah! I love your posts too but I guessed Tim wasn't the ballerina before you told us. But he's cute.