Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Pictures

It's that time again!!!

Today is McG's last "Sunday Picture's" as an 11 year old.
Next week he'll be out of primary and into Young Men!
*excuse me while I wipe away tears*

I told him he'd better wear a colored shirt today because it's white shirts only from here on out!

We are supposed to get him a suit for his birthday but don't know when we'll find the time this week. We actually can wait a few days since he won't be passing the Sacrament until the following Sunday!

*Again with the tears*

Moving on~
Let me brag on Lilah's dress!
I bought at a thift store over a year ago while Brannon was still living with us.
It's a Laura Ashley and was all of $2 or $3.
Slap a monogram on it and it suddenly becomes awesome!

Of course, Daddy looks awesome too with or without a monogram!

See you next week!


Nancy Booth said...

You may have a tear or two but Lilah sure doesn't, nor Tim. Tim IS very handsome and McG is too. Of course you're beautiful. I love Lilah's dress that you made expensive. She is always dressed so cute. Love these pictures of the family.

kayla said...

Ahhhhh, I swear you guys couldn't be ANY cuter! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Lilah's dress...Oh my goodness, how I love monograms! I agree with your mom...McG and Tim are handsome and I totally hate you! (wink, wink)