Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Snow Daze!

It's supposed to snow here again in the next few days so hopefully we won't bore everyone with more snow pictures but I wanted to post these pictures from our Christmas snow before I forgot!
Little Lilah was cold and loving life!! She begged us to take her outside.
I never would. I'm just mean like that!
Tim and McGwire took her out plenty of times so don't feel too sorry for her!

McG was born to live in the arctic regions. He stays outside for hours when there's snow on the ground!

Lilah was finally able to make a snow angel!

On the deck, no less?!?!

Of course, McG has to get in a few hundred games of hockey.

McGwire vs. McGwire

Somebody fell flat on her fanny!

And this time it wasn't mommy!!!

McGwire and his neighborhood friend built a snowman across the street.

They were nice enough to let Lilah built it's head.

Admiring the handiwork!

Now that's one good looking snowman!


Nancy Booth said...

That IS one good looking snowman and 2 good looking kids. Looks like they had a blast. Love your posts sayings. Keep it up.

kayla said...

Lucky little ducks! Kyle and Saige were both bummed that they missed our "huge" snowfall!! Joel was a little bummed that HE fell on his fanny while scraping off his car and cursed anymore snow here! So far the curse is working!
Love your little snow bunnys!

benjaminrowley78 said...

If u like snow then u can always move 2 Canada!!!

jill said...

i love that post!
too bad we didn't have a CHANCE to play in the snow!!!
btw...were those CROCKS that Lilah was wearing out in the snow?? What in the world?

I agree that McG could live in the arctic regions. Tim must love that.

and, yes...that snowman was da bomb! way to go! :)

let's see what they can do with this next snow fall.

shall we compare what our kids can build? dads can help, too!