Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More snow pics

I am sick of snow!
Although I do have to admit the house looks beautiful surrounded by the white fluffy stuff!

Sunday night it started sleeting for about 5-10 minutes then turned into big pretty snowflakes that covered the ground in record time. Tim thinks we got about 6-7 inches.
The kids woke up and were ready for some playtime pretty early.
There were some folks on 4 wheelers driving around the neighborhood so they pulled McG and Lilah on the sled for a little while.

They (and I say "they" because "I" was safe and warm inside) were out for about an hour and came in just about frozen solid.

McGwire went out for most of the day, off and on, and Tim took Lilah back out in the afternoon and evening as well.

McGwire and his friends made snow forts all day. He let Lilah invade his fort for a few moments so daddy could take a picture. Then she was promptly kicked back out!

Yesterday, they were up raring to go again bright and early. We let McG go out but I wanted to keep Lilah in for a little while til it warmed up a bit.

Here she is drinking her "cold hot chocolate".

Yesterday, after she came in from the snow, she asked to have some "hot, cold hot chocolate" like big brother was drinking.

She insisted on drinking out of her toy teacup!

McG can't even have lunch without playing with those $%#!& Lego's

McGwire was gone again til late afternoon before we were able to drag him back inside again.

Lilah only went out once but she asked to go out and play in the snow pretty much


kayla said...

Wow, wow, wow! To be young again...when I see all that snow all I can think of is falling and messy roads!! Glad the kids are having fun in it!

Nancy Booth said...

It's beautiful and I know they had so much fun in it and you had a lot of washing to do but wasn't it worth it? I loved the fort and the tea cup hot chocolate. Everytime I see the big snowy hill down our road, I think how much McG would enjoy sledding down it. I wanted to see Lilah on ice skates too. Got any photos of that?