Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anyone up for a $300 game of hockey?

McGwire saved up all of his tickets from the Stevie B's gameroom in order to buy this air hockey tabletop game. It cost 900 tickets which translates into about $300! Actually, I kid....it was only about $250. Seriously, it took about 4 or 5 trips to Stevie B's at about $5 per person for the buffet, about $5 per trip to the gameroom per visit, so you do the math. Of course Tim won most of the tickets but McGwire spent most of the money trying to win the tickets! Tonight was the night! He was so excited to go up to the counter to make his purchase. There were a few of his friends standing around (it was his school night at the restraunt) watching in awe. McGwire told mom tonight that he was going back to his old ways...he was going to spend any new tickets he won on gum and plastic vampire teeth.
Here's McGwire in action, kicking his dad's butt in cheap tabletop air hockey. Anyone who knows Tim, knows that he is actually the one winning. He wouldn't give McGwire a break...even on the first night of playing with his new game!
....and the fighting begins.
Of course I have to throw a picture of Lilah in.

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Rucker Family said...

That table hockey looks good - you should have a tournament for FHE one night. Let me know how long the game lasts - you know, when it falls apart and all. I can't believe McGwire saved that many tickets! He might be a good investor one day . . . keep him on your good side. :)