Friday, January 25, 2008

Freaky Friday

It's not really a freaky Friday but I couldn't think of a clever title off the top of my head.

Here's some shots of our little girl. I tried to feed her solids again today and she did pretty good but I decided we need to wait a little while before we make this permanent. The experts are now recommending waiting til babies are 6 months to start solids so I have at least another month to wait. We'll see what she thinks about that, though. At her dr's appointment Monday, she weighed 19.6#. BIG MAMA!!!!!

She's still such a very good baby.

On to McGwire..... His b'day is tomorrow and so we semi pre celebrated tonight. We went to the Japanese restaurant and that was fun (and delish) and then came home and let him open up his "big"gift. He was loving "Guitar Hero" so much that we decided to get him "Rock Band". He had already kinda figured it out because I was an idiot and let him see the wrapped package. I didn't realize he had his Dad's psychic gift of guessing presents. On the way home (we met Tim at the restaurant so we were in separate cars) McG asked me to tell him what was in the package and he promised to act surprised when he opened it. NICE TRY, BUDDY!!! Here's a video of his idea of "acting surprised";

By the way, we finally got McGwire's hair cut today. Here's a better picture of the finished product.

It is nearly 1 am and I am just now finishing this post because we just finished playing "Rockband". It is WAAAAY fun but at the end we were all getting so tired that we wanted to kill each other. Now I know why bands break-up, especially when you throw in drugs, alcohol and groupies (of which we have none)!!!

I'll post more pics tomorrow during his little party.

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