Friday, January 4, 2008

Guitar Hero Wannabee's

I got the game "Guitar Hero" for Christmas this year (thank you Timmy) and we are addicted. Tim is already on medium level and McGwire is just about to surpass me on the easy level. I may not be the best fake guitar player in the house but I sure am having fun playing in my own band!

My guitar hero, lil Mac. The name of his band is Rock _and_ Sock. Mine and Tim's band is The Birdhouse (of course). I would post a picture of Tim jammin' right now but he's in his underwear . Try not to picture that in your mind!!

Here's Lilah and McGwire after church Sunday. This is the face she usually makes whenever McGwire is near her. This is the cute sweater that Auntie Kayla sent from Germany. You can't see the rest of her outfit, but trust's cute! I Loooove dressing her.

Here's the shoes Kayla sent her. I'm not normally a fan of the baby shoes, but these are the cutest little things ever.

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Rucker Family said...

Yep, it's official. You guys are totally addicted to that guitar game! I think they make a pill for that!