Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Weekend Fun

McGwire had his first basketball game on Saturday. The league he plays for does not keep score but McGwire's team would have won if they had. He sure had a great time even though he had no clue what to do.
Here's our little "Larry" Bird in action.
Tim was probably yelling for him to keep his head in the game when this picture was taken.
This is picture time after church. This is McG's "act natural" look.

Miss fatty Fatterson. She is chunky but sure is cute! She doesn't have "cankles"...she has "thankles" (her ankles are the same size as her thighs)! haha She has the same freaked out look in almost every picture we take of her. She seems to be a little disturbed by the camera.

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Rucker Family said...

Isn't this basketball deal fun? The boys look so cool in their uniforms - C's jersy is so big on him!
Again, I love Lilah's dress! Where DO you shop for such cute clothes?!? You'll be seeing that one again in your closet soon. :) Glad I can pass some things on to my older sister. :) lol!