Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's fine to be (almost) nine!

Lil' Mac's birthday isn't until the 26th, but since mom and dad were here and we were all in the mood for a little cake, we went ahead and celebrated his pre birthday. We stopped at a local bakery and bought what they had in stock. Ok, so it has flowers, and flowers aren't the most masculine things for an almost 9 year old boy, but let me tell you....it was DELISH! We'll get him a more gender appropriate cake for his actual birthday.

Blowin' out the candle. I didn't have any birthday candles, so we put a tealight (as if the flowers weren't feminine enough) on the top of the cake for him to blow out.
One more shot of the b'day boy in his new Thrashers teeshirt. He is obsessed with hockey!
Can't forget Lilah. She is getting so big and chews on EVERYTHING. She's like a dog. She is really beginning to play with her toys and "talks" all of the time just to hear her own voice. (Just like her mom)
It takes a while to capture it on film, but she does smile occasionally. Actual pictures of her smiling are rare~like shots of Sasquatch and "Nessie" (the loch ness monster).
...it doesn't take much to get daddy to smile.

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Rucker Family said...

A tealight??? I am going to buy you birthday candles in bulk! The cake does look yummy . . . I wonder where you got it. Could I get the name of the local bakery? Can you belive how old our kids are getting?
O has the same PJs Lilah does . . . I hope you like them b/c you will be seeing them in your drawer again in a few months. :)
Good pic of Tim - when are you going to post some pictures of you and Lilah?