Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Blizzard of 2008

It snowed late yesterday afternoon and early evening yesterday for the first time in a looooong time. McGwire was overly excited but I have to admit, so was I. McGwire thanked Heavenly Father for letting it snow last night. That was sweet. He was pretty disappointed this morning when Tim told him that school wasn't cancelled. He had been talking about no school for 2 days so he was not a happy camper this AM when he had to go. It pretty much rained all night but didn't freeze. There is still some snow on the ground but I'm sure that will all be melted in a few hours.

Here's Mac catching snowflakes on his tongue!

Here's McG and a couple of his friends in the neighborhood catching snowflakes. They are from Brooklyn, New York so they weren't too impressed with this snowfall but still were excited to see snow in Georgia. As a side note...look at the difference in size of McGwire and his friends. They are the same age...maybe a couple of months apart. They are twins, so I think they were a bit premature, but still!

Making snow angels! :)

McGwire scrounged up enough snow to make a snowball and then the fight was on!!

Here's a video of all of the fun!!!! It was snowing pretty good at the time but you can't see a thing on the video. At least it shows how much fun the kids were having!


Rucker Family said...

FINALLY! I get to comment on your blog! Sheesh - it took you long enough. :)
You're right . . . you can't see the snowflakes on the video. . . we will just have to take your word for it that it was actually snowing. lol.
McGwire looks like he was having fun. If it snows again, let's build a snowman!

Rucker Family said...

Oh, and BTW - itsn't it totally funny how crazy we get over a few flakes of snow?? It has been about three years since we had anything to remember. :)

DabneyFamily said...

Hey! How did you find me? And when did you have a baby girl? I didn't realize it had been that long since we've seen you. You guys look great and happy!

Katherine said...

Kelly!!! I just saw your fun that you found me, but how in the world?! Who's blog were you on, I am so curious. I linked to your blog on my own, so that will be fun. And wow, McGuire is getting so big and oh, Lilah (sp?) is soooo pretty!!! What BEAUTIFUL skin she has!!!

miss you guys!



LsuFan said...

OK Serious McGwire this is your Auntie when I come in December those bama clothes are going bye bye!!