Friday, August 1, 2008

Wacko For Words

So, we've established my love of monograms but do we need to be aware of my weird words and phrases obsession as well? I have issues, what can I say?

nice shot of me in the middle mirror, eh? Boy do I need to lose weight!

I'm sure I have more that I missed and I'm sure that I need help.


Nancy Booth said...

You sure do need help 'cause there's not one cookie in that cookie thing or not one biscuit in that biscuit basket. Love might be spoken here but the truth isn't. Really, I didn't realize you had so many saying but I love them.

kayla said...

I don't know who is or your mom...her comment had me rolling on the floor. I just love you guys sooooo much. And I love your sayings! I'm tellin ya...we would have some serious retail therapy if we lived closer together! We are two peas in a pod with our "desires"..not to mention our awesome good taste!

jill said...

Hmmmm, I didn'r realize you don't have cookies in the jar. What's up with that? Don't you BAKE?

I do like the sayings. They help to keep you organized - you'll never forget where to put those cookies that you don't bake.

AND, it is a good think your guests don't reach into that cookie tin (I am thinking of Josh, here). They would be very disappointed. :)

I agree with Kayla - you do have good taste!

Sarah said...

I thought of you the other day. After reading your monogram blog, (which btw, clearly is a disease, I have it too)was driving home behind a girl in a cute black Lexus. Lo and behold, in beautiful pink, the girl had her momogramed initials over her back brake light!!! OMG!!! I almost became stalker like and honked to have her tell me where she got them!! Then realized, wait, you live in Atlanta. Honk=shot!!
Love ya!!

LsuFan said...

Don't go telling Kelly how to get her initials monogramed on her car sheesh she needs therapy hahaha and what the heck NO cookies in the cookie jar? and towels ARE not treats dang it those poor kids...I guess Auntie me needs to come visit hehehehe!!

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there.....I love all your sayings and expressions. Whimsical and fun! Looks like we have similiar tastes. Thanksf or the visit. cherry