Friday, August 15, 2008

Punked and Punky

First of all, let's start with "punked". Tim thought he was being funny the other night when he created his trout photo and posted it on the blog. The joke ended up being on HIM as everyone seems to have thought that we really had a stinky 'ol fish on our wall. Can I just say...I'M OFFENDED!!!! Do you really think I would decorate my house in dead aquatic vertebrate??? I mean SERIOUSLY people!?!?! haha Rest assured that my bathroom still looks like this:

Now for the "punky" part. I don't know if it's because she misses her big brother or if she's starting the terrible 2's a year early but Lilah has been a little punk for the last few days! She growls when she doesn't get her way and has been whiney as heck and she's all over the place getting into everything. She plays with EVERYTHING that is not in any way a toy and ignores EVERYTHING that even resembles a toy.

This is basically what she's been doing for the past few days:

I am constantly getting her out of any and all cabinets. Heaven forbid I buy those safety latches. They would cramp my decorating style. (As if the fish didn't do that already).

Since she was being so punky, ,I decided to make her a punk rocker in the tub yesterday. Every child should have a picture of the bathtub mohawk in their collection of embarrassing photos, right??

On a differnt note. I bought Lilah's halloween costume on ebay the other day. It's Gymboree's "pumpkin fairy" costume and I had a heck of a time getting it at a low price. People were bidding up to $70 for this crazy thing. Luckily, Gymboree just put out their costumes last week and they had this one again so that forced the prices down at ebay a bit!!! I got it for $17.99 and it sells for $34.99 at Gymboree!!! It is in PERFECT condition!!! YEA ME!!! Now if I can score the cute striped tights before they sell out then Lilah will be a cutest little pumkin fairy ever!!! Here's a little bitty preview of the costume. She refused toput the booties and headband on!

And finally, just when you want to smack her for being such a little turkey, she smiles and makes it all better again!



Nancy Booth said...

She is sooo cute even tho she does get into everything. I love the pumpkin costume. Can't wait to see the whole thing. And the punk hairdo. What a riot!

LsuFan said...

Oh she is SO cute!! And what personality!! You do know they have those safety latches THAT go on the INSIDE of the doors right?

The BirdHouse said...

Are you serious, Heather?? I may need to make a trip to babiesrus this weekend!! I'm a dork!

LsuFan said...

Yeah Kelly I am very serious you can even buy them at Walmart!! They are very inexpensive too! hehe

Nancy Booth said...

You better get some, girl. That little girl is like an octapus. A really cute one tho.

Jensen Fam said...

I love the costume! Let me know if you need any pumpkin accessories to go with it. :) So as soon as I am in my new pad and can find my sewing machine, your monogramming orders will be fulfilled. I have some cute ideas for them. Lata!