Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My little man

This post is all about McG.
~he is a good big brother
~he has a great sense of humor
~he is an awesome goalie
~he loves the gospel
~he is a good singer
~he does cool dives and flips in the pool
~he is a good reader
~he does awesome on "guitar hero and rockband"
~his sister adores him
~his parents love him more than he will ever know!
~he is growing up way to fast


kayla said...

AND don't forget he's super cute too!! And he can beat his uncle on Guitar hero....that makes him my hero now!

Nancy Booth said...

And he is freaking awesome in hockey, not just awesome. He is all that and more. He has exceptional manners which I love, he obeys his grandparents, he helps his parents a lot. The list just goes on and on. I love that little man to peices. (?) (that doesn't look right but McG would know because he's smart too).

JPB said...

...and he has excellent taste in little debbie crunch...rock on.