Monday, August 11, 2008

A Fish Tale

With school starting, this weekend was the last chance to visit Picky and Grampy's house for a while. Tim has decided that he loves fishing, so that's what he does when we've visited NC lately. He woke up early Friday AM so he could have plenty of time to fish and relax.

About an hour or so after he started we heard a loud scream. The TV was on so it kinda went un noticed the first time. A couple of seconds later we heard some hoopin' -n- hollerin' but it still didn't register. Then, a few more seconds went by and we heard it again and realized it was Tim. We figured that he either fell in the ice cold water or he caught a fish.


Grampy went down the to measure it for Tim. It was about 23" long. Then he got curious to see how much it weighed so he brought it up to the deck to weigh it. It weighed about 4 1/2 lbs. Tim was thrilled so he continued fishing to find this little guy's friends and family.

Here's Grampy holding the fish:

Here's McG holding the fish:

Well, Grampy had to go somewhere, so he left. Picky had the baby and Tim was in the middle of the river fishing so that left me and McG to do something with the fish. Well, let me rephrase that: That left ME to do something with the fish. Tim wanted me to tie it to the deck but I couldn't figure out how to do it, so McG got a bucket to put the fish in and filled it with water. The fish really didn't fit too well so we had to do a little manipulating to get it in. I just left it there and went inside.

A few hours later Tim came in to ask where the fish was so he could get a picture with it. I told him where it was but unfortunately, when Tim went to get it, the bucket was empty!! He was a little heartbroken...and a LOT ticked! There were a couple of dogs on the bank of the river that AM, one of which actually went out into the river were Tim was fishing, and we assumed that they had taken the fish.

The next day when Tim was fishing AGAIN...another fisherman spotted Tims fish. It was completely intact with just a couple of teeth marks on it. Tim was excited to be able to finally get his picture taken with his trophy fish!!!


Here's my 2 favorite catches!


JPB said...
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JPB said...

Some guys have all the luck. Nice fish, Tim. That would have looked good on the wall, right beside one of Kelly's "phrases".

jill said...

That really is a nice fish - I will be showing that to Greg tonight. A little healthy competition is a good thing. I am glad he found his fish - - did you end up eating it? :)

kayla said...

I love your "catches" the most!
And holy cow...can you say an honest to goodness "true" story about the size of fish? Too cool!

Nancy Booth said...

That fishing incident was just hallarious! Tim hunted all over for the fish and then found it on the rocks by the river. Kelly said she thinks the fish jumped out of the bucket and flipped around and almost made it to the water but not quite there. Sure glad he found it to take pictures so no one would think he made it up.