Tuesday, August 26, 2008

b'day gifts

Here's Lilah with her very first birthday presents. She seems to be liking the toys better than the boxes they came in which was what I thought she'd be playing with!!

She STILL refuses to smile for the camera!! Actually, both of them refuse to smile for the camera!! Whatup?

I promise we have happy children!!


LsuFan said...

Oh I LOVE her toys!! That lion thing is way to cute and hmmm maybe if you fed her she wouldn't eat her clothes!! I can't get over the look McG is giving you!!

kayla said...

Cute toys! Even cuter kids! I love McG's face in the last pic!!
Too funny. So, are you going to use real or fake pumpkins for your topiary??? Me thinks I need one too...I just don't know if I'll have the supplies in this un-creative country!! Well, in the crafty world anyway...the thousands of years of history doesn't count for much right now! HA HA.

Nancy Booth said...

Are they drugged?????What cute outfits and congrats to McG for being so good. Keep it up young man, OK? I still can't believe Lilah is 1 yr. old now. I can't believe she still doesn't smile 'cause she does all the time now in person. She's a little doll and McG is a handsome dude.