Tuesday, August 12, 2008

First Day of 4th Grade

Well, technically it's the second day of 4th grade but these pics were taken on the first day!!
Here's our 4th grader getting ready to leave!

Here's our 4th grader after I said, "ACT ENTHUSED"!!!!

Here's our 4th grader at Sonic just after ordering breakfast 'cause we had absolutey no breakfast food at our house on his first day of 4th grade!!! :(

Here's our 4th graders little sister being mischievous while big brother was busy at school being a 4th grader!

This is our 4th grader fresh from his first day of 4th grade. I asked him to put a "thumbs-up" if he had a GREAT day or a "thumbs-down" if he had a HORRIBLE day....this is what I got:

He had homework on his very first day of 4th grade! Can you believe it?? Hopefully his second day of 4th grade is much better than his first!!!!


jill said...

He looks like he belongs in middle school. He is way too grown up - tell him to slow down!

And, his bookbag . . . nice! I guess he is too cool to wear an over the shoulder back pack!

I love the "act enthusiastic" before and after photos. That is totally McG!

How did Lilah do being all alone with mommy? Did you take a nap with her??? You should!

kayla said...

Whew...school's in session! Tell McG that 4th grade is the BEST!

LsuFan said...

He looks so happy to be going into the 4th grade haha!! Lilah of course looks absolutly adorable!! I can't believe how much she has grown!

Nancy Booth said...

If McG was any happier I don't think you could stand it, huh? I hope he gets into it in a few days. I know Lilah will get into it(hahahaha). She gets into everything the little stinker.