Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday pics

I know everybody holds their breath until I post our Sunday pictures, so now you can all breeeeeathe!!!! haha

Isn't this the sweetest picture on Lilah holding on to McG's arm?? Totally unprompted, by the way.

McGwire always has to have a goofy picture and Lilah looks like she's been caught in the act. Not sure what act but whatever it is, she's been caught in it!!

Daddy's little family.

Mommy's little family.

Mommy and daddy without their little family.

Lilah didn't last very long in Sacrament meeting today. Shocker, I know.
I took her out about halfway through. I'm not sure exactly what to do to change things with her. Any ideas?


LsuFan said...

Love them yall are looking great:)

kayla said...

Soooo caaaaute! I love the little pic with Lilah's arm around McG...very sweet! You all look great!

Nancy said...

What great pictures. So sweet of Lilah and McG. McG's hair's looking good. Ya'll let it keep growing, please????? I would love to have some of these pictures framed. All of you are looking good. Love your little family.