Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our Sweet Boy

On McG's last day of school he brought home some little sheets of paper that his classmates had written what they most they most admired about him.

I was laughing at some, wondering just how many times he was taking lego's to school at others and crying over the last few.

I wonder how well we are doing at raising this precious son of God. In fact, it is beginning to weigh heavy on my mind here lately as he seems to be growing up so fast. It seems like he is always getting into some kind of trouble at school or at home and I worry about his self image and self esteem as everyone is coming down so hard on him at times. I have always tried to build him up and tell him how handsome he is, that he is a good boy and smart and funny and good at whatever he happens to be doing at the time but I still worry that he may not believe it.

Me and Lilah went to have lunch with him on his very last day ever of elementary school and a girl told me, out of the blue, that McGwire was really nice and that their teacher is hard on him. She says a lot of times when he gets in trouble, he didn't even do anything wrong. I was glad that she told me that and it made me sorry for McGwire.

Me and Daddy and Lilah think he is the best kid in the whole wide world but here's an example of what his classmate thought of him this year:

Derrick S. thinks he is the best at collecting silly bandz
Ayanna G. thinks he is very good at hockey
Diago C. says McG is his best friend
Cleavon thinks he is a great person
Caleb says they play together almost all of the time
Peter W. says that he is a good lego fan and a good friend
Godvinah says he is good at hockey
Olivia says that he always makes her laugh
Miykel says he is a good friend
Yonique thanks him for being good to her

Jasmine says that he is nice and a cool person
Riuan says he is funny and cool to be around
Jamal says he is good at playing legos
Alex says that he is a generous person
Sydni admires all of his silly bands and his friendship
Justin hopes he has a great summer
Sarah says that McG was a good friend
Elijah says that he is good at building lego creatures
Jasmine B. says the things that he does are very hilarious
Catera says he dresses very nice (mommy's personal favorite) haha

These next 3 are the ones that really made me cry.

Joviann says he is always helping others at all times
Scott says he played with people who were lonely
skylar says he is the most happiest person here

I really do hope and pray that he was the happiest kid in his class and the whole world for that matter and I know that Heavenly Father couldn't be more proud of him than me to know that he is always helping others and playing with people who are lonely.

Maybe we're not doing too bad of a job on this awesome kid!


Bev said...

In our book McGwire is the best.
We hope he can come up for a few weeks this summer.

Nancy said...

He IS the best and he's so normal. If he didn't take those legos to school how would people know he was so good with them? Lighten up. He hasn't killed anyone and all he does is normal things kids his age do. He makes good grades and he plays hard at hockey. Tell Tim to talk sweet to him and you continue to. My sermon for today.

kayla said...

What a sweet boy. Those little comments from his friends made my heart do a little skip and a tear in my eye...very, very sweet!