Friday, May 21, 2010

Silly Bands

What are Silly Bands?

These are Silly Bands, baby!!!!

We are a little late jumping on the silly bands (Yes I know it's spelled with a "z") bandwagon but that didn't stop McG from jumping on with full force. I bought a couple of "not so cool" packs about 2-3 weeks or so ago and McG uses those to trade for ones he really wants.

I bought him the pets pack and the sea creatures pack and he has traded for a few instruments,

a wave and a sun,

and an elephant. (among others that I put away and cannot find. um...SORE SUBJECT!)

Meanwhile, my new pendant and earrings came in the mail this week. They were supposed to be for Christmas and then for valentine's day, then our anniversary, then for Easter and of course they never came for Mother's day either. Not even Cinco De Mayo. These puppies came on a random Wednesday in May. A day that I will remember forever. Thank you, Timmy!!♥


kayla said...

Guuurrllll, you need some silly bands to go with that necklace...a monogramed one...ha ha! Oh my heck, I love that necklace...I so want to copy cat you, but I won't! I haven't seen these at's awesome! Love the silly bands too McG!

Nancy Booth said...

Did McG's silly bands get blood on them with the fish? I loooovvve your necklace. No wonder you wanted it. Now you will match Lilah's clothes.

Sarah said...

Um, silly bandz rock. We got a super cool set at the aquarium last week. Space+glow in dark. Awesome. All the kids want ours.

Second-where did you order your necklace from? I want it.