Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday pic and couponing

We moved church times again since our ward boundaries changed so we are back at 9:00 church. I was hoping that it would be helpful, as far as Lilah is concerned, to not have church right in the middle of her nap time but we still had to take her out of Sacrament meeting yesterday. Actually, she wasn't really that bad but Tim got nervous and ended up taking her out about 15 mins early.

I took about 10 pictures of her yesterday and I swear not one was postable. These 2 were the least goofy.

If I am posting a picture of her trying to stick a plastic toy in her mouth then you can imagine how crazy the other pictures were. BTW, the other day she found this old easter basket that Bev made for McG and hasn't let go since.

McGwire had already changed out of his church clothes but wanted to show off his new silly band that he traded at church. We had to have a little discussion about how that was probably a little inappropriate. haha Of course Tim was furious that he took them to church in the first place.

Tim got a few items Sat nite using his coupons. He would have to explain things a little clearer than me for you to really understand what happened but basically these grilling marinade powders were free (he got 60 or so?) ....

...and these popcorn boxes were free. They were suppposed to be 60 cents each but the store he goes to gives money back if the coupon is worth more than the products and since he was getting money back for the marinade mixes, that money paid for the popcorn and he even ended up getting 13 cents back as well. See, I told you that I could explain it clearly! haha

So, when hard times come, you are all invited to come over and eat some popcorn and lick some marinade powder with the Bird family!!


Bev said...

maybe you should sprinkle some marinate powder before popping the popcorn and you may invent something!!!

i don't know how he does it.

Love the pics of the kids and i sure hope McGwire is feeling better. I know the routine well.

kayla said...

I love Lilah's expression in the first pic...great! And the silly bands must not be catching on here...never heard of them...maybe Saige should find them and sell them at school...ha ha! The coupon man strikes I wished I could get it together and do what he does...awesome!

Nancy said...

OK! Maybe I'll get a little marinade and popcorn. I love Tim and his couponing. I remember seeing that basket when we were there. I don't know if Walmart has silly bands or not but I should know tomorrow for I go to work then. Does he need some he doesn't have yet? Let me know.