Thursday, May 6, 2010

Couponing...part 2

Tim has still been gung ho about couponing but I have not been very good at posting about it. The wife of a friend of his from work threw papers and was kind enough to give Tim the leftovers but the newspaper was recently bought out and she lost her job. Tim was panicky for about 5 seconds until he realized a different way to get a gazillion coupons. I would reveal his evil plan on the blog but I really am afraid that the info could be used against me in a court of law. Tim assures me it's perfectly legal but I have my doubts! haha

He got these hand soaps for 3o cents a piece.

These body washes were free. BTW, these pictures were taken after we started storing them on the shelves. Also, he went to another store the next day and got

about 16 more.

These men shower gels were 80 cents a piece. Lilah seems pretty excited about the low price.

Again, pics were taken after we stored a few.

McGwire was so excited about the mens soap that he gave it a big kiss. He is all about smelling manly here lately...which is a good thing since he stinks to high heaven after his hockey games!!! In fact, I found him sneaking some of his daddy's cologne the other day! Someone's growing up!!!

Tim got these baby soaps a couple of weeks ago as well. They were free.

If there's ever a shortage of soaps in the know where to find us!!!


Nancy said...

Oh my goodness. Tim is great. Can't wait to see ya'll again? I mean, oops, I do mean ya'll.

Nancy said...

Lilah is sooo excited over men's soap. Whudup? Is McG seeing someone?

kayla said...

THIS IS CRAZY!! I am sooooo impressed and intrigued...I want to do this...dang it! You go Timmy!