Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5th grade Award Ceremony 2010

McGwire's school had their 5th grade award's ceremony this morning and we were all excited to be able to attend. The kids were supposed to dress up, so Wednesday pics are gonna look a whole lot like Sunday pics and since we didn't do Sunday pics this week then it's a good thing we're dressed up for Wednesday pics!!! Right?

Cereal and biscuits. Breakfast of champions!

Here's Daddy getting in on the action. He was so happy to be able to sleep in a few hours and get a chance to see what everyone looks like in the morning. Lilah was super excited that he was home. McGwire didn't seem to care one way or the other! haha

We dropped McGwire off at school and then waited in the car for about 15 or 20 mins before they started letting folks in. While we were standing in the school, I was holding Lilah and she was playing with my shirt buttons when all of a sudden, she ripped off my top button! I was fuming!!! I spent the rest of the morning worried about how I could keep the ceremony from turning


We got this picture before the progam started. I don't think he saw us yet.

Lilah did pretty well since the program was very short but there came a time about 1/2 way through that I thought we were going to have to take her out! In fact, she got worse right there at the end when McGwire got his award , Lilah kept saying (VERY loudly, I might add) that she wanted big brothers' necklace!

BTW, I totally look like a man in this picture!!! UGH!

~Waiting for his name to be called~

~Getting his award "necklace" for the Honor Roll~

~walking away whilst his little sister was yelling for his necklace~

~McGwire: Still walking. Lilah: Still yelling~

Daddy and McG

Mommy and McG
(Can you see Lilah's hand reaching up for the darned award?)

All of the long hours and hard work paid off!!!

:cough, cough. Sputter, sputter:
Yeah, right!!!

There were 2 kids there who made straight A's from kindergarten through 5th grade. Good for them, silly overachievers!! haha

McGwire made the AB honor roll by goofing off, and we couldn't be more proud of him!

Little sister FINALLY got her necklace!

To make this day even better, I got a phone call just a few moments ago from Mac's teacher telling me that he "exceeding" in his CRCT scores. Which means he passes to 6th grade.

Holy Mackerel!!! My baby's in the 6th grade!!!


kayla said...

Good job McGwire! You all look great...and I love the pic with Lilah's little hand coming for the necklace...too funny!

Nancy Booth said...

What a funny review! You write such halarious things. We are so very proud of McGwire and his award. Tell Lilah she has to earn her own necklace. Oh, I forgot, she did earn it by yelling. Little stinker. Go McGwire. Saw the silly bands on his arm.