Sunday, May 30, 2010

As a special treat for todays Sunday pictures, I have included a photo of Lilah last year in the same dress she wore today!!!

Wow!! Look how much she's changed in a year.

Daddy and Mac wore flag ties in honor of Memorial day.

This pic of Tim and the kids looks exactly like the picture we took a few weeks ago.

Lilah almost lasted through Sacrament today. Let's hope God has a sense of humor!


LsuFan2 said...

I can't believe how much she has changed in a year!! Way to cute yall look great :) Love the ties btw

Katherine said... look amazing! :)

Nancy said...

Tim can't lose much more weight in his neck, can he? Lilah sure has changed a lot in a year. Ya'll look great. I'm sure glad you're posting some of yourself now. Love it when I go to your blog and see new posts.

Saige said...

You all look great! Loving the ties...and of course Lilah's monogramed dress...makes me want to have a baby girl...wait, did I just say that!!! Too late...ha ha!

kayla said...

Yeah, Saige didn't post that...ha ha!