Monday, January 12, 2009

Extreme Makeover~ Lilah's version

Last week, when I went up to Mac's room to put up his laundry , I just about had a heart attack when I saw the mess. It looked like a hurricane had gone through there. Worse than it has ever been. Apparently it was so bad that even HE couldn't stand to be in there anymore, so he started sleeping in the guest bedroom and started destoying that as well. I noticed Lilah's room was getting bad too (outgrown clothes and toys scattered on the floor) so I put an end to it this weekend. I cleaned the guest room and started on Lilah's room. Tim had bought some beautiful pictures for her room for Christmas that needed hanging and I needed to do a little tweaking with the decor in there anyway so I did that while McG supposedly cleaned his room. More on that tommorrow!
Here's a couple of "before" pictures
I am embarrassed to show them, but in my defense, I
have been very busy since Christmas!

And here's the "after's". I am pleased with the way it turned out. Too bad Lilah can't appreciate my glorious decorating skills!

These are the pictures Tim bought for her. Aren't they beautiful?

I ordered a monogram for the round one.

An apothecary jar filled with pacifiers! 'Can't beat that. Thank P*ttery Barn for letting me steal that idea from you!!

McGwire wrote this note to Lilah after she was born.

Lilah's blessing gown that Grandma made.

On a side note: I babysat a little boy from church the other day and Lilah was very intregued by him. She stared at him the whole time and followed him everywhere he went.

It was very cute but I certainly hope she grows out of that. She don't need to be following no boys around!


Anonymous said...

The room looks great. love all the colors and stuff you have in there.

Nancy Booth said...

What a beautiful room, the after pictures, that is. I love all the colors, pictures, etc. I hope McG's room looks good tomorrow. Will check. Tell him to stay out of the pretty room.

kayla said...

This is awesome! I love all the little details...I'm totally impressed with the pictures that Tim picked out! And my absolute favorite is the framed letter from McG...that is sooooo cool.

Jensen Fam said...

I love her room! It looks so peaceful - I could take a nap in there right now.

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