Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Our family theme this year is:
"Start again in 2010"
So far, we haven't started anything yet.
We were going to have a family meeting this week to go over all of the details but that hasn't happened yet and as of right now we are failing miserably! haha
No news to report so far and no pictures have been taken. We are having camera issues again so I need to get all of that squared away as well because I need to post more on the blog.
I did come across one cute picture. Brannon wears a hat anywhere he goes. Usually a knit cap. So Lilah has a hat as well and loves to wear it just like "Nana" wears his.

I have to work this weekend and we have a pretty full week leading up to the weekend but hopefully things will settle down and we can...
"Start again in 2010"

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