Sunday, January 18, 2009

Turning Japanese, I think I'm Turning Japanese....

We have some friends from hockey/church who's mom is Asian. Tim wanted her to come over to teach me how to make sushi. I haven't even mastered American food yet so I refused to learn another county's cuisine!! Tim was all to willing to learn though, and I am glad he did! He is now a sushi-making master!!

We started off by going to the local Asian supermarket. What an experience! It was huge and it was filled with very rude people and it was filled to the max with unrecognizable food and the unrecognizable food had labels written in a different language so it was even more unrecognizable and it was filled with workers who either ...A: didn't speak english or B: pretended like they couldn't speak english and it was filled with the glorious smell of raw fish and it was....well, you get the picture. While we were there, we stumbled across this fine product:

Yes, that is green bean flavored popcyles. Not to be confused with the red bean flavored popcycles. No thank you (and I never turn down sweets)!

Here is a small sample of Tim's masterpieces.

Here's McG sampling and small sample of Tim's masterpieces.


Last year, the cub scout blue and gold banquet theme was "Chinese New Year". Tim was in charge of some of it since he is the cubmaster. He went to the Asian market and picked up a few gifts for all of the ladies who were helping out (about 5 or 6, I think). Anyway, the banquet went fine and awards were given out and Tim proudly handed the ladies their gifts, which were a nice boxed set of chopsticks (as seen here:)

Several days later, a friend (who was a recipient of the chopsticks) and I were talking and she mentioned what a kick her husband got out of the x-rated chopsticks. :side note: I should mention that our cub scout troup is at our church. Anywho, I , of course, had no idea what she was talking about until I went and examined the chopsticks myself. And lo and behold, right there on the yellow pair of chopsticks, was: A nipple!

Yes my husband gave a bunch of mormon women chopstick pornography! Luckily, everyone else thought it was funny to0!


Anonymous said...

Let us know when Tim's sushi kick is over so we can come and visit!!

whoever knew there were porn chopsticks!!!

still waiting for McGwires extreme makeover. I just made something for Lilahs room

Nancy Booth said...

The x-rated chopsticks are halarious. I couldn't figure out those green bean popcicles until I read. I look and then read. McG looks like he's enjoying that stuff and it looks just like what's in the Chinese Res. Tim is learning good. I hear he cooks alot now. I envy you.

kayla said...

I love the chopstick story!! That happened to us all the time in Japan...they are a little dirty minded!! We always had to be careful in the stores with the kids!! The sushi looks good for sushi!! Rock on Tim!

Anonymous said...

I love sushi! You go Tim!
p.s. I can't remember my log in to post comments on your blog. Oh well, there is always anonymous.

LsuFan said...

Thanks for the sushi kick!! I had to go have some for lunch today!! There is a great new japanese resturant right by the office and they have the best fresh sushi for cheap!! Was great to chat with you for a bit on Monday!

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