Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy 10th Birthaday, Mac!!!!!

McGwire had an AWESOME birthday yesterday!! It started out but going to Sonic for breakfast (He actually wanted to go to the "Awful Waffle" but we didn't have time) before dropping him off at school. Then after taking Lilah to the doctor (I'll post about that later as this post is all about Mac) I picked him up from school just before lunch. He thought that was so GREAT. We then proceded to Daddy's office to drop him off there, by way of a quick BK lunch, and those two went to the Thrashers practice while I went to do a little wrapping and pick up the cake!

McG and Tim spend so much time at Thrashers practices' and plus with them going on their hockey trip and seeing the players in Canada, the players actually recognize them now. Several of the players "flipped" him some pucks. I think he got about 6 pucks and so after practice he got several players to autograph the pucks and some cards he brought.

Then, his favorite player Moose, the goalie, gave him his game stick when McG told him it was his birthday!!! What an AWESOME gift!!! McGwire was stoked!!! (Do they say "stoked" anymore these days?)

Anywho, when they got back home, McG opened presents.


These cards...

and these cards....

and these card holders...

and this jersey!!!

But his favorite gift that he got was THIS!!

He wanted this ever since he saw it at the store. He was hoping he'd get enough b'day money to buy it himself. Now he can use his money for something else!!!

After a few games of table hockey w/ Daddy, the missionaries came over for pizza and then after a few more games of table hockey, our good friends came over for MORE table hockey and ice cream and cake!!!!

Yes, that is a picture of McGwire on the cake! It was delicious!!!

It was a great day. I can't believe my little miracle baby is 10 years old. He is such a joy in our lives and I love him more than he'll ever know!!


John IV said...

Happy Birthday Mac!!

Nice Pucks!

kayla said...

Happy Birthday're a double digit now!! It looks like you totally scored with the awesome gifts...I'm sure you'll remember this b-day as one of your best! We love you.
Uncle JoJo, Aunt Kayla and Saige

Sarah said...

Um, can I come to your house on my birthday??? And for the record, I want all my packages wrapped in Tiffany blue as well....with the perfect white ribbon....hint, hint!! You are an awesome mom!! Happy Birthday McGwire!!!

Nancy Booth said...

Happy b'day, little McG. I could tell you was having a good day even before all the excitement of a party. We sure love you. Congratulations on all your hockey "stuff". It is great to know you're on first name basis with the Thrashers players. You just keep up your good work in hockey, OK?

Bev said...

A very big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you McGwire. I'm glad you had a great 10th birthday.

We love you.
Love Grandma and Grandpap

John and Brieanne Dabney said...

Wait...does he like hockey? I had no IDEA!! :)

LsuFan said...

Happy Birthday McG sorry I am like 5 days late but you know the saying goes better late then never!! I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday! Have a great year Love you lots. Auntie Heather

jill said...

What a cool cake.
Where do you come up with ideas like this???
WHEN do you have the time to think them up.
You should write a book - compiling all of your ideas into one place for people like me. :)

Anonymous said...

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