Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mad dancing skills!

Oh...did I say mad dancing skills?? I meant BAD dancing skills! McGwire had me cracking up yesterday. He inherited his daddy's rhythm for sure.


Tim had just won a radio contest and we were waiting to hear what he had won. BTW, it wasn't the $10,000 I hope he'd won. It was movie tickets. Our luck!


Nancy Booth said...

McG, you've been holding out on us. Where did you learn those moves? I can't wait to be with your mom when she shows your girlfriends when you're 16. You the MAN!!!! I'll be watching this more than once.

Sarah said...

OMG!!! I'm showing this to Maddie as soon as we get home. There was once love, but I'm not sure we can go on with "skilz" like that!!! We love you anyway, McG!!!

kayla said...

TOOOOO awesome McG! You rock...don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

jill said...

Ha Ha! I think he dances better than I do! Way to go!
Where did he learn those moves, anyway? Surely his wonderful parents taught him how to move like that, right?? :)

Jensen Fam said...

Way funny! His friends are going to google him while he is in high school and find this awesome video! :)

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