Thursday, January 8, 2009


I had to work last night and Tim and McG had to go to scouts so Tim put on a video for Lilah to watch, until I could get a chance to fix her a bottle, and then he left. I heard her fiddling around and playing so I thought she was OK. While I was on a call, I heard her calling my name. I told her I would be right there and I went on with my call. I heard her crying and calling my name and then crying some more...this time, a little louder. Of course the caller I was talking to wouldn't hurry up and let me go (I mean, come on..what else can I tell you about diarrhea and a diaper rash? It's not brain surgery) and so Lilah got louder and louder! Anywho, when I finally got off the phone, I ran into the kitchen and found that she was stuck in the kitchen chair!!! Poor baby!!!! So I did what any other concerned parent would do........

I got my camera!!!

...and then rescued her!!

Here's a little video Mac took the other day. I wanted Bev to see a little of Lilah in action since she hasn't seen her in a while. Everyone else just buck up and deal with it!! haha

Yes, that is John Denver you hear in the background. I am addicted to that CD. Such a beautiful voice!


Nancy Booth said...

Poorest little thing. I can just hear her calling your name. She can sound really pathetic. McG is getting so good with the camera. He's taking videos and I can't even turn a camera on. Good for you, McG.

kayla said...

I'm sure she apprecitated being "stuck" for a few more minutes so you could get a pic!!
She is so cute...I love the video.
She is growing up so's amazing.

jill said...

That is totally awesome that she was stranded ON a chair!!! LOL. I am sure that she will QUICKLY learn to climb down. I hope you put those photos in her scrapbook.
Poor thing!
BUT, I love the PJs.
And the video - - ha ha! That's a good idea to let McG video it for you. She looks like she is FULL of personality. What a cute game to play with her!

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