Monday, January 5, 2009

Is our life really this boring?

Nothing blogworthy is going on. Christmas and New years included. Tim took a few Christmas pics on his camera but has not downloaded them onto the computer yet. I worked on New years eve/day so nothing good happened then. McGwire went back to school this morning so I have a smile this size of Texas on my face today. If only I could enroll Lilah in daycare without being judged....

My favorite Christmas gift this year was the new assessories for the nativity Tim bought me last year.

I went from this:

To this:

I absolutely LOVE it!!! I don't ever want to put it away! It doesn't look very big in the picture but it is massive. I would guess that it is maybe 24" tall. Gorgeous!! (Thanks again, Timmy!)

We enjoyed Kyle's visit. McGwire had a ton of fun with him but I think that he is  grateful to NOT have a big brother.

Kyle likes to take "way too close up" self portraits. (these are only 2 of about 20 pictures like this)

He also likes to take pictures of everyone else  "way too close up" too.

p.s. I told Tim to NEVER wear that hat in public ever again!

He took pictures of me too but I deleted them all. I don't "do" pictures.

What I DO "do" (haha ~I said dodo) is totally freak out when I am asked to take a simple meal to someone in need. A lady in our ward had a baby and I was asked to take dinner to them one night. Sounds easy enough. 'Couple of things about me:

#1 horrible cook

#2 overthink the menu

So after a few panic attacks and a decision to just order from KFC, I made up a cute basket with cookies, fruit and a soda and tried my best to fix it up to look nice. Lots of ribbon , a cute gift tag with the baby's monogram (Come on, who doesn't like a monogram? (p.s. Thanks Timmy...again) and Kentucky's finest chicken...can't get better than that!

Last but not least...Sunday pictures. Our ward started 9am church this week and I was not lookin foward to it one bit! Especially after having to work until 1am the night before. I mean I was REALLY freaking out about it (just ask anyone who had to listen to me complain)! But, it actually didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. It just took a little planning and praying.

next week I'll plan on combing everyone's hair before taking a picture!


Nancy Booth said...

Come on and admit it. Your Christmas and New Years was fine. Lots of excitement, company, panic attacks, you name it. Remember, you could have my felon life to start off the new year. But your excitement was sending McGwire back to school. I guess that is boring compared to my life. Cheer up.

Nancy Booth said...

Oh yes, what a neat idea for the fruitbasket. You and Timmy did good. I love Lilah's outfit and leggings.

Anonymous said...

Your life is just as boring as everyone elses so hush!

Oh and how about the spanking that Alabama got from Utah in the Sugar Bowl. GO UTES!
Love ya, Gayleen

Nancy Booth said...

Tom said he never would have joined the church if he thought Utah was going to beat Ala that bad.

kayla said...

I love this post!! there is so much!! I love little Lilah's face in her close up!! She looks a little tee'd off!! I love her church outfit too. I'm totally envious of the nativity too.