Sunday, March 1, 2009

frozen peaches

It's nearly 5pm and it has been snowing here for about 6-7 hrs now! These pics are from when we first got home from church. It looks a lot different out there now than it did then. We are all so excited. I got upset pretty quickly when I realized that McG might not have school tomorrow if it freezes tonight! UGH!!

It's so beautiful and peaceful out there!


Scott, Melinda, and the boys said...

Lucky!!!! it missed us... got some sleet, very little snow, and a lot of cold wind!

Nancy Booth said...

It missed us too. It was all around us but not here. It's not here now this morning either and not even in the forecast. Bummer. Didn't get out of church and now I can't get out of work. Am I not living right or what?