Sunday, March 8, 2009

The First Shall Be the Last

McGwire's 3rd and LAST (thank goodness) pinewood derby was Saturday. Poor McGwire came in last place again...for the 3rd year in a row. I felt so bad for him. He was OK for the first couple of races that he lost but it got old quickly when he kept losing the other few races. Actually, I think he came in 2nd to last but still.....

Here's his car. It's a cheese wedge. That may have been his first mistake.

This was taken just before going to the race. He was so excited!

Waiting to race!

NOT a happy camper!

That's his car in the middle lane.

Here's Tim doing the cubmaster "thang". Whatever that is.

Lilah kept busy :

digging through the trash,

stealing church pamphlets,

terrorizing the girls trying to babysit her for me,

throwing temper tantrums,

pulling down chairs

and showing off her new shoes!! haha


Bev said...

love the car and the shoes. i almost bought a pair of rubber boots with frogs on them but thought they might be too big.

Can't wait to see you all

LsuFan said...

Oh I LOVE those shoes I have a pair in green and umm obviously my size LOL!! Sorry about the race McG but I do LOVE your wins in my books for coolness!

jill said...

Poor Mac. I thought his car was very very creative!! He really did a good job on it.
I actually think that track was rigged.
We should have our own race with new cars and have our own prizes. lol.
I love Lilsh's faces in this post and the other one. She is a riot. She is so darn cute, though!!
Mac's photos will never change . . . until he starts being photographed with a girlfriend!! I'm telling you his wedding photos will be the best you've ever seen. Just wait.

Nancy Booth said...

Awwww, McG I am so sorry but you do have a cool car. Is it really cheese? If you don't win, you can at least eat it. And I love your shirt with all the badges, etc. Lilah is too much and those new shoes are so cute. She has a good time no matter where she is. Tim looks so important. I'm impressed.

kayla said...

Well, one ever remembers the pinewood derby winners anyway!
Your car was cool...
Lilah's a hoot and love, love, love the shoes!