Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog "Ketchup"

I've missed a few days so I need to "ketchup" on my blogging!! haha Get it?? Catch up, ketchup?? Oh, I crack myself up!!

First, I have to show off Mac's report card. He did really good. We are so proud of him and really are blessed that he does well in school. He brought up 2 B's to A's and 2 S's to E's and brought 1 A to a B and 1 E to an S (did that make any sense?). Anyway, he did great!

Second~ I bought Lilah belle a new "Little People" dollhouse at the consignment store for next to nothing. McG loves to play with it.

...and he even occasionally lets Lilah play with it!?!


LsuFan said...

Oh so cute!! I love the one of her on the table playing with it with McG and the one of her alone with that very serious look on her face!! McG congrats on the wonderful report card from school I am very proud of you!

jill said...

I am officially, 100% jealous.
I have wanted one of those houses for years!! Yes, that is right . . . years!
I wanted one of those when the boys were little but G said "no way!". lol
I did manage to get a large play kitchen for the boys, though.
Anyway - invite us over to play would ya? We can bring some more little people to play with!
You do get the best deals, don't you?!

kayla said...

Ah, they are so cute...the brother sister shots are awesome!

Nancy Booth said...

Well, thank you for helping me to get here. Congratulations to McG for his report card and also his new playhouse. haha The kids I kept loved those things too. Glad "they" like it and Lilah gets to play with it sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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