Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Lilah post

Are you getting sick of her yet? There is nothing going on here so I thought I'd post about Lilah's art time. She LOVES pens and pencils and so I started putting her on the table with her crayons and a few pens and let her go wild. After a few days of having pen marks on her clothes, I opted to disrobe her and then let her go wild! haaha

Here's a couple of different "art time" days.


jill said...

Holy cow - those are sooo cute.
She really is such a doll!!!
In one of those photos it looks like she fought with a cat!
You'd better curtail her passion for coloring her skin or you'll have one tatted girl when she's older. :)

Nancy Booth said...

Oh how cute. I'd never get tired of her pics. We're going to have a famous body art person in the family. I'm so excited!!!

LsuFan said...

wow she is quite the little artist lol how do the walls look?

kayla said...

Ah, she is so cute...I love the hat!
Hopefully she won't be into "body art" when she gets older! ha ha