Monday, March 2, 2009

Sunday Glorious Sunday

I couldn't stop smiling all day Sunday!!! Why?? Because it was Lilah's first day of nursery!! Yippee!!!!

Here she is in nursery ignoring me and playing with a doll!

Here she is ignoring me again!!

See?? even McG is smiling he's so happy she's in nursery! haha

I'm not sure why he's this happy though, because I have been the one struggling with her during all 3 hours of church for the past 18 months.

Yeah, whatever buddy!

Here's my little princess. The same princess I had to take out of Sac. meeting because she was fussing and fighting and wanting to get down and run amuck! Also the same princess I took to nursery and told them to lose my number!!!

Now that she's officially 18 months and in nursery (I can't stop saying that. It's music to my ears.) she can stop getting older now. She's growing up way too fast!


Nancy Booth said...

Oh how cute with the ignoring you. Be thankful she's not crying for you. How funny. Why IS McG so happy? Congratulations, you can start living now.

kayla said... can she be 18 months already???? Time really does move along doesn't it? She is so cute and I love the pics of McG...he's such a ham...reminds me of his uncle! And snow?? Are you serious? Do you still have any?

jill said...

She looks so "at home" in nursery.
She earned her 18 months, too!
Congrats on finally making it - 18 months . . . not a day earlier! Yay!